Archive of – The Mural Project

Floodwall mural project was purposely started to come up with an outdoor of an art gallery that tries to show Portsmouth Ohio and all its entire surrounding area’s history in the last two centuries. The entire project included as said early 20 feet high and a long extension of 2,090 feet along the historic Boneyfiddle District Front Street of downtown Portsmouth. The entire painting process started in 1930.

The entire project was headed by the popular Lafayette, Louisiana artist Robert Dafford. He has experience in mural creation with over twenty years in the field. Since he started this works, he has managed to create over 200 murals in Europe, the United States and also Canada. Much of the work he does is an illusion of three-dimensional so that the viewers can have a feeling of even stepping into the entire painting and the overall effect is what has been displayed in almost all murals in Portsmouth. Murals created by the artists are taking steps to prove a tremendous tourist attraction. The painting season of this artist in Portsmouth is right from May to September.

This project is a continuing and non-profit endeavor to the Portsmouth Murals Inc. to all the volunteer organizations. In financing this project, there is help from foundation and public grants, holding events to fundraise and also individual and corporate contributions. You will find souvenirs at different Scioto County Welcome Center locations in this great city of Portsmouth.